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Ortigas unveils Industria mall

MANILA, Philippines - Quezon City mall-goers will soon have a new place to dine and shop in as premiere property developer Ortigas & Co. unveils Industria.

In a statement on Tuesday, February 19, Ortigas said the P400 million-worth mall with a total leasable area of 14,000 square meters will feature an indoor-outdoor retail concept.

The new complex is expected to become the neighborhood commerical center for Circulo Verde, a P25-billion flagship residential development of Ortigas & Co., composed of 15 towers, located along Calle Industria in Quezon City.

"The name Industria alludes to the roots and legacy of the site. It has reference to the adjacent street ‘Calle Industria.’ The architecture of the proposed development also relates to industrial design elements," said Ortigas & Co. Shopping Center Division General Manager Cathy Casares-Ko.

It is designed to be a hang-out place for Circulo Verde’s residents as well as a young, edgy, and artsy crowd. It will be accessible to the public via two main entrances.

One access point is located along Calle Industria, and an alternative access bridge linking Circulo Verde to Amang Rodriguez is being developed.

It aims to have mix of tenants composed of a neighborhood grocery, unique gastronomic concepts, a fitness center, weekend markets featuring organic choices, as well as craft fairs.

It is also envisioned to be a venue for street art shows and music festivals. A special section of Industria, called the Lab, will house novel concepts in arts, culture, and design.

The new mall is expected to be fully completed in the first quarter of 2014, while the anchor supermarket should be ready by December 2013.

Industria will be the newest addition to the company's other retail developments, like Tiendesitas, Greenhills Shopping Center, and Estancia at Capitol Commons.

"Ortigas’ retail developments each have very distinct characteristics. While people flock to Greenhills Shopping Center for bargain finds, Tiendesitas for all-Filipino goods, and soon Estancia for high end destination retailers, the young and artistic personality of Industria would make it a haven for individuals who are looking for alternatives in food, fashion, and entertainment," Ko said.

The launch of Industria is the new addition to these ongoing projects of the Ortigas group:

Greenhills Shopping Center which is undergoing a P25-billion redevelopment project, which is now on its 2nd phase;
Tiendesitas which is going through a redevelopment process that will make it bigger by 20,000 sqm and cooler; and
The construction of Estancia at Capitol Commons is well underway, with the mall set to open by 2014.


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Industria Mall inside Circulo Verde

Diverse. Self-contained. Green. Balanced. These are the hallmarks of Circulo Verde. Take your pick from a menu of residential options. High-rise condominiums for a fast-paced life, lofts for flexible living, or homes for a growing family. Then, cool your heels within the community. There is no need to venture outside the realm of Circulo Verde as leisure, service, and retail facilities are found right where you live. And don't worry about a crush of people or a crowd of towers. The Circulo Verde community has planned the number of residents per floor to ensure privacy and comfort. Finally, walk, jump, run, and leap into the air. As a model of green living, Circulo Verde saves a large portion of its land for recreation spaces and parks.

8 reasons to invest in Circulo Verde
Philippine Daily Inquirer ¦ May 21, 2010 ¦ Tessa Salazar

AFTER LAST WEEK’S OPENing of a showroom of Seville Residences, one of the first residential towers to be constructed in the new Ortigas & Co. development called Circulo Verde, the immediate attraction would be the developer’s claim that it would be a flood-proof area.

Looking further into it, one would realize that this project would change the geophysical and economic landscape of the area and its immediate environs. Circulo Verde is situated on Calle Industria Street, Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

To say the least, Circulo Verde is a physically big project (12-hectare masterplanned development). It will be comprised of four phases. Phase One alone will have five residential towers (named the Majorca, Ibiza, Seville, Aragon and Avila) due for turnover sometime from 2012 to 2016.

But is being big enough reason to buy into it? Joey Santos, deputy COO and general manager for real estate division of Ortigas & Co, reveals 8 more compelling reasons:

1. The environment card. This will help improve the area’s carbon footprint. Santos says the Circulo Verde site is being transformed from an old industrial plant site to a well-planned residential enclave.

He explains that with the reduction in the severity of the land use alone, Circulo Verde has already contributed to the improvement of the environment in the area.

Circulo Verde will further improve the carbon footprint of the area when Phase 1 is completed in five years with its large landscaped open spaces, the introduction of its own sewage treatment facility and the recycling of treated water for irrigation and other non-potable uses. “We are confident Circulo Verde will lead the conversion of the surrounding properties from their predominant industrial use to similar developments (like ours),” he says.

2. High-tech flood protection technology. Santos reveals to Inquirer Property that the company has engaged the services of DCCD Engineering Corp. to address the technical challenges of the property. DCCD is the first interdisciplinary engineering services firm in the country, and is backed by more than 50 years of varied and extensive experience in the field of hydrology and flood control.

“The added cost will be the one-km river wall to be constructed along the perimeter of the property, the additional drainage facilities, back-up pumps, automated flood gates and the additional filling to increase the elevation of the area,” Santos says. All in all, he adds, this measure would cost P350 million.

“After the onslaught of the ‘Ondoy’ (typhoon), we revisited our flood protection plans together with our consultants. We have identified another solution, such as the construction of a canal passing through the site to collect the run-off from Calle Industria and the gap between the edge of Manalo Bridge and the property. Moreover, we have instructed DCCD to revisit the hydrological and flood study for Circulo Verde and will implement new designs if any is recommended.”

3. Perimeter retaining wall to keep the land together. Santos says a retaining wall that will be built around the perimeter of Circulo Verde is designed to avoid soil erosion that may arise when the river rises during heavy rains. This will also prevent high water from the river from encroaching into the property.

4. Elevation. The entire site is raised eight meters (around 26 feet) above the level of the Marikina River.

5. A smart drainage system. A 1.50 m x 1.50 m interceptor canal will be constructed along the northwestern boundary to intercept and convey the surface flow of floodwaters from Calle Industria and from the Marikina River upstream of the Felix Manalo Bridge. The interceptor canal will, in turn, discharge the flow on the Pasig River at the northwest corner of the property.

6. Above-ground parking. To ensure vehicular safety and security, Circulo Verde offers parking spaces above ground only. There are two levels of above-ground parking for Phase 1.

7 . Back-up pump system. In line with the detention tank system for flood mitigation, an automated pumping system will be provided to adequately drain the local storm water volume that may accumulate or will be trapped inside the dike system even at high flood levels at the Pasig-Marikina River. The pumps will be automatically controlled by the water levels in the detention tanks.

8. Automated flood gates. Santos explains the process of the automated flood gates: The storm runoff collected at the detention tank would then be discharged in the Marikina River through connecting pipes. In case the water level in Marikina River rises, a small differential pressure on the back of the flap gate causes it to open automatically to allow the discharge of the water through drainage conduits. When the water on the face side of the gate rises above the water on the back side, the gate closes automatically to prevent backflow, and motor pumps will then operate with appropriate back-up pumps.

Set for turnover in 2014, Seville Residences will have 15 residential floors, two retail floors, and a two-level podium parking area, for a total of 141 units and about 80 parking slots. The Majorca and Ibiza, on the other hand, will be turned over in 2013.

The Aragon tower will have 21 residential floors, and will showcase lofts designed similarly as the “z-lofts.”

Though primarily a residential development, Circulo Verde will offer two levels of retail spaces in each of the buildings. — at Circulo Verde.


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