62 Ongpin [ 68F | res | pro ]

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62 Ongpin [ 68F | res | pro ]

Post by Jan on Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:03 am

62 Ongpin

TYPE Development
LOCATION Binondo, Manila
PROJECT SIZE 45,100 sqm.
STATUS In Progress

On an 815 square meter lot in the midst of Ongpin, the world’s oldest Chinatown, rises a 68-storey residential skyscraper that rethinks the tendency of high-density vertical developments to be generic and impervious. In its region already rich in culture and heritage, 62 Ongpin will provide the softscape that is missing from Binondo. Flanked with green walls and vertical gardens, it will also be the high-rise landscape that offsets and balances the imperviousness of Binondo - the oasis that breathes life into the concrete jungle.

Along with the fresh air it breathes in the area is a breeze of exclusive luxury. Only seven units occupy each floor to let occupants enjoy as much privacy and space in a high-rise development. Unit areas range from 30-100 square meters to be flexible enough for the diverse needs of a variety of occupants. Amenities are also tailor-fitted to adapt to the potential occupants’ social and cultural requirements. Along Ongpin Street - the lifeblood of Binondo - 62 Ongpin is the tower of lifestyle vitality.

Source: http://www.wtadesignstudio.com/#!blank/cekw

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